Hi, my name is Omar Valero!

Here’s my story…

It’s the recollection of the moments that created the greatest leverage for change in my life. 

The leverage I needed to build the life of my dreams. 

I was an engineer.

Fully-qualified. Good college education. Top grades. Hard-working.

I’d followed the rulebook preached by society to the WORD.

Well...I’d gotten about halfway through that rulebook when…

I decided to tear it up.

I was working 10-12 hour days at my engineering job and completely exhausted. 

A soul-destroying and meaningless existence. 

And today I want to tell you all about it because I’m confident it can help you live your best life too!

I turned my attention online. I intuitively knew the answers lay there.

‘’When the student is ready, the teacher arrives’’

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